Capra Press 1L

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Stainless steel body & filter.
Silicone gaskets & valves.

Tech Specs

Capacity : 1L

Dimensions : 15 cm (D) x 22 cm (H)

Weight: 995g

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No messy cleanups

The removable bottom allows you to easily access grounds and toss them into your compost when it’s time to clean your PRESS.

Control your brew

Sealing filter prevents over-brewing. Click here to learn more.

No trapped grounds

Filter design prevents grounds from building up between layers.

Made to last

Built from durable, food-grade stainless steel and replaceable parts.

Easy to brew

We didn’t change our favorite part of the French Press, its ease of brewing is here to stay!

Fill lines

Fill grounds and water to their respective fill lines to ensure each brew is well-balanced.

Not just for coffee

Use your CAPRA PRESS to brew tea!

Goodbye single life

No single-use paper filters or pods needed!

A person holding a cup of coffee and reading a book, with the CAPRA PRESS coffee maker on the table behind them.


The CAPRA PRESS functions how a French Press should. Easy to brew, easy to enjoy, and easy to clean. We're simplifying the coffee experience, making time for you so that you can make time for coffee.