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The CAPRA PRESS shares the benefits of a traditional French Press, without any of the drawbacks. No messy cleanup. Brews better coffee. Materials that last. Looks good on your table.
The combination of the removable bottom and the innovative filter system allows the user to remove the grounds by unscrewing the base, removing the groundskeeper, and tossing the grounds into a compost or garbage.
The CAPRA PRESS’ innovative filter system creates a sealed barrier between the brewed coffee and the coffee grounds once it is fully pressed.
You can control your brew! In traditional French Presses, the coffee continues to brew after it has been pressed. In the CAPRA PRESS, the filter system seals off to prevent over-brewing, leaving your last cup tasting the same as your first!
The CAPRA PRESS brews 1L of coffee, approximately 4 cups, perfect for sharing with friends and family! If you are only brewing for yourself, the CAPRA PRESS' insulated carafe and filter system will keep your coffee hot all morning without over-brewing.
Yes! The CAPRA PRESS is perfect for brewing loose leaf tea and over-night cold brews.
In the future, we plan to offer a CAPRA PRESS in 0.5 L and 1.5 L


A number of factors will impact the final delivery date but we are expecting to ship October 2022.

Warranty & Returns

Yes! The CAPRA PRESS is covered by a no-hassle guarantee that covers any manufacturer defect or failure. All individual parts are disassemblable, so in the unlikely event that any part of your CAPRA PRESS does fail, parts are replaceable or repairable.