Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers!

With the days ticking down to Christmas, you might be panicking as you anxiously search for the perfect gift for the coffee nerd in your life. While we can’t yet offer the gift of the CAPRA PRESS, here are our top coffee gift picks for this holiday season.

Photo of the TIMEMORE Black Mirror coffee scale with a coffee cup on top of it on an espresso machine.


No coffee setup is complete without a reliable scale. The TIMEMORE Black Mirror has all the basic features you’d need: weighing in 0.1 g increments to 2 kg, quick processing times for precise brewing, a timer, and USB-C recharging. While it doesn’t have the app connectivity of higher priced scales such as the Acaia Lunar, it looks incredibly sleek for the price and has proven durable in our kitchen for the past year. 

A photo of a copy of Standart magazine open on a blue table with a mug of coffee, coffee beans and a coffee grinders.


Give the gift of independent journalism! Standart is the coffee industry’s best quarterly magazine. Each quarterly edition comes with dozens of high quality editorials on coffee with topics ranging from cafe culture to farmer’s movements. Each edition also comes with 30 g of coffee from a different international roaster, which provides a fun interactive element to the mag. The full colour magazine is absolutely gorgeous and looks great on a coffee table.

A photo of the 1ZPRESSO JX hand grinder on a white background.


They say the best investment you can make towards better coffee at home is in the grinder (or a CAPRA PRESS). 1Zpresso has been shaking up the hand grinder market recently, challenging existing high end hand grinders such as the Comandante C40 and the Kinu M47. The JX is 1Zpresso’s lower end grinder, but still features large 48mm conical burrs and high quality materials throughout. The grinder shaft is well supported with bearings on either end which makes the experience smooth and lightning fast. The JX model ($180) features 10 numbers on the dial, and 30 clicks/rotation, which would be plenty for French press or pour over coffee. For those looking to dial in their espresso, expect to jump to the JX-Pro ($210) which offers more clicks per rotation for a finer adjustment.

Three bags of coffee from Rooftop Roasters on a wooden table with a potted plant in the foreground. Perfect coffee beans to brew in the CAPRA PRESS.


Many roasters offer a subscription model for their coffees nowadays. We love subscriptions for the element of surprise. We almost always forget that we have a subscription until that fresh bag of coffee arrives at our door, and we are always excited to see what the roaster selected that month to send out. We’d recommend finding a roaster in your local area to support, but some of our favourites are: 

Monogram (Calgary AB) - choose from Fruity Filter, Espresso, Classic Filter, or Roaster Choice. Last year we scored some beautiful geisha coffees as part of the Fruity Filter subscription!

Rooftop (Fernie, BC) - choose from Wild or Classic. Rooftop Coffee sources some incredible coffees, but they are located in tucked away Fernie, BC. This makes them an awesome candidate to get shipped coffee from! They’ll ship your subscription anywhere in Canada for free.

Trade Coffee (USA) - There are a number of services in the USA that offer multi-roaster subscriptions. One of these is Trade Coffee. Trade will survey your taste preferences, and then send you unique coffees from different roasters from around the USA on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. This is a really cool option for those of you that live in more rural locations and don’t have a reliable local roaster.

A handmade white mug on a wooden table. Perfect for drinking coffee out of that you make with the CAPRA PRESS.


As you might have seen on our #MugshotMonday Instagram stories, we love a good mug! Any coffee nerd will love a handmade mug from a local artist. We’d recommend you check out a farmer’s market or holiday market and see what you can score! For something we’d recommend online, the Kinto Slow Coffee mug is a classic pick, available in a multitude of colours and volumes.

The CAPRA PRESS sitting on a wooden shelf beside a potted plant.


Last but not least - a VIP membership that's actually affordable! Sign your loved one up to become a CAPRA PRESS VIP. They will receive 20% off the MSRP price at launch,  and get access to exclusive giveaways and special product bonuses. Best of all, they can look forward to being able to brew and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every morning with the CAPRA PRESS coffeemaker. Pardon our shameless plug, we had to do it :p


By Will Bailey

Photos: Retailers

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