What's Over-Brewing?

If you follow us on social media, you may know we talk about the Capra filter A LOT. In fact, you might say we are a bit obsessed with it. Why? Because the Capra filter is the future of filters.  

Capra’s patent-pending filter system seals off brewed coffee from ­­­grounds after pressing, preventing over-brewing. When you’ve decided your coffee is done brewing, the CAPRA PRESS stops the brewing process.


Let me paint you a picture. It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, and you just made a French Press of coffee. And what a delicious cup of coffee it is! You finish your first cup, and pour yourself another one. But weirdly enough, this cup tastes different, and by different I mean TERRIBLE.

Has your coffee been sitting there sabotaging you? Why would it do that? Does your coffee hate you? No, but your French Press does.

While you were drinking that first cup of coffee, the remaining brewed coffee in your French Press remained in contact with the grounds through the mesh filter. The equation is simple:


The lack of barrier between your brewed coffee and grounds have ruined your nice beans! That my friend, is over-brewing. It happens to everyone and has nothing to do with your barista skills!


When you press down the filter, pressure causes the one-way valves of the filter system to open, allowing coffee to pass through freely. When pressing is complete, the valves return to their original state, sealing off the openings in the filter.

Coffee is how many of us start the day, and with the CAPRA PRESS, it’s easy to start it off right. The CAPRA PRESS is live on Indiegogo. Check it out today - igg.me/at/caprapress.

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