Capra's Wild & Wonderful Year

Excessive coffee drinking while working from home led to a feeling of frustration with the traditional French Press. In 2020, Zoey, Jeff, and I (Mia) set out to design an innovative brewing device tailored to every coffee ritual and in 2021, some big steps were taken to bring the CAPRA PRESS to life!

We Designed, Redesigned, and Did Some More Designing

The trial and error of product design is both frustrating and rewarding.

After months of researching, brainstorming, and drinking coffee, we completed our first CAD model and the industrial design of the CAPRA PRESS. Although our first prototype didn’t work exactly how we wanted, there was a sense of excitement about the project finally coming to life!

After many revisions and a couple more prototypes we now feel confident that we’ve come up with a solution to the two main problems with the traditional French Press: over-brewing and messy cleanups.

Mia and Jeff, founders of Capra Made, testing the CAPRA PRESS coffee maker.

Our Team Grew

In 2021, Capra went from a team of three to a team of five! We welcomed Pau, our content creator, and Dani, our digital marketing manager, to the team. We love our new team; each person offers new ideas and energy to the space.

We Said "Hello World"

That’s right, in 2021 we joined the internet by launching our website and social media accounts.  We’ve had a great time interacting and sharing with friends.

Ideas Changed

Towards the end of 2022 we received our functional prototype and made some final improvements to the design. We’ll have more updates on those later this month…

Mia, Jeff, and Zoey, founders of Capra Made, designing the CAPRA PRESS coffee maker on their computers.

We're Reaching Out to Manufacturers

We feel confident in the design of the CAPRA PRESS and have begun reaching out to manufacturers. This step will take our ideas from dreams to reality.

We Welcomed in the New Year

This year has been nuts! Capra as a company has come so far, we’re excited about what’s to come in 2022.

We plan to launch on Indiegogo March 2022. Stay tuned for updates on the PRESS and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to put down $1 to lock in VIP pricing.

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